Belching is the art of releasing pressure from your esopagus in a low-frequency roar with high bass. Belching is another way for males to assert dominance and is often a factor in establishing a social hierchy. For a man, learning to belch isn't always considered a necessity, but it is a must if one does not avoid the settings in which belching is initated.

A belch differs greatly from a mere burp, in that it is pronounced in duration and audibility.


Belching can be forced by sucking air into one's stomach before having been released, however the act of air being sucked in should be discreet, as it is done at the risk of being called a faker. Carbonation in beer and soda can also contribute to a successful belch. Other factors include stomach capacity and muscle control.

To suck in air for a belch requires a number of factors and the skill to operate several specific muscles and organs in concert. It requires, first and foremost, sufficient stomach capacity. It can be nearly impossible to force a belch on a full stomach. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is far easier to belch on an empty stomach.

One must operate their diaphragm while opening his throat and holding his breath. This requires practice, but it allows one to inhale air into their stomach. Having accomplished this, it's time for the fun part.

Using abdominal muscles, the same air is expelled again through the esophagus. While doing so, slight constriction of throat muscles causes them to vibrate, producing the sound of a belch. With practice maintaining consistent control of throat muscles, one can achieve a belch with bass that can be heard from a considerable distance.

Competitive belchingEdit

After sufficient practice, it's time to consider belching competitively. A good setting is usually a bar, but sometimes belching can be initated in those quiet moments when you're hanging with friends on the porch. As previously noted, it's possible to further assert one's position on a social hierchy through belching, though it's pretty rare for one to achieve alpha male status through mere belching. His skills would have to be extraordinary.