Cologne is a masculine body fragrance. It is sometimes used as an aftershave, but it is typically used for the purpose of accentuating a man's presence with scent.


There are numerous brands and varieties of cologne. Here are a few examples:

  • Brut - Comes in a distinctive green bottle with a silver logo, some have strong feelings about Brut. Some like it, some don't. It has a very aggressive smell.
  • English Leather - Comes in a small bottle with a round wooden cap. Has a leathery and dry smell which is relatively pleasant.
  • Old Spice - Perhaps the definitive Old Spice product, this product is very popular. Very aromatic and subtle.
  • Axe - Comes in spray containers and in a number of varieties. Axe has more appeal for teens and young men. Sometimes, Axe fragrances can be harsh and abrasive, and they are sometimes overapplied.


Cologne is often used as an aftershave, a scent to apply under the chin after one shaves. However, a person doesn't need first shave to apply cologne, and it can be applied in a variety of ways. Sometimes it is used as a deodorant with a splash under each arm. One can also apply a dab on their neck or smear some on their chest. It doesn't take much to achieve the desired effect.

A word of caution: when a person gets used to a smell, he notices it less. This also holds true for cologne. Some may overapply cologne, reasoning that it's getting weaker. When one overapplies cologne, some may find that person's presence somewhat suffocating.

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