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Confidence is the projection of competence and determination. It is considered a valuable trait in men, particularly in leaders, teachers, and prospective employees. Confidence is also an attribute that women generally seek in potential suitors.

Projecting confidenceEdit

Projecting confidence can be helpful for men seeking to further their career, pursuing leadership positions, and for men with family plans. After all, confidence is seen as an indication of capability. Confidence is so valued in the workplace, that often, persons that are less capable can be considered for leadership positions if they display confidence.

Confidence is a difficult thing to fake, as it involves maintaining a display of traits for an extended time, and a person can pick up on a lack of confidence on a subliminal level through inadvertent posture. A person often develops confidence in their career as they become familiar with their job.

There are several simple ways to project confidence, which involves maintaining posture, making eye contact, exhibiting knowledge of the field in question, and acting with little to no hesitation.

A person can project confidence by maintaining eye contact with appropriate facial expression (such as an expression of interest when listening to someone else speak). Some may complain that making too much eye contact can seem creepy. If you're stalking that person, they may have a point. But if that person happens to be a professor or politician, perhaps they should try to find a job with fewer people looking at them.

Exhibiting knowledge of the field in question is very difficult to fake. Perhaps the most effective means of acquiring confidence in one's career is by doing research in a field that they wish to be a part of, or that they are a part of. If a person claims to be a lawyer but understands comparatively little about law, they're not going to look competent, and not inspire much confidence.

To act with little to no hesitation can inspire confidence, but in the event of a crisis, a leader can appear reckless if acting with little to no thinking. Decisiveness involves putting one's putting one's determined course into action with little hesitation. While sometimes time can be a factor, there's often not a race to determine the best choice.

Competence and confidenceEdit

While competenece and confidence can be correlated, they are not always accompanied with one another. After all, a person with plenty of competence may not appear very confident in their own ability. On the other hand (as some may attest of their managers), some men with little competence can be quite confident. Some possess a knack for making others confident in their leadership, whether or not they have much ability to do the job of those they manage. Some men are better at inspiring confidence in others to trust their direction while delegating certain duties and directing projects. For men in leadership positions, confidence is considered a very important quality.

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