Are you a dingus?

A dingus is a grown man who is given to style, attitude, and/or silliness that is often societally considered more befitting of a teenager or young adult. The term itself is somewhat pejorative, as it does contain a connotation of immaturity.


Generally, a dingus' tastes are similar to that of a teenager. A dingus typically exhibits one or some of these following qualities and preferences, though the presense of one of these is not definitive of a dingus (a non-dingus can sometimes possess these characteristics):

  • A fauxhawk
  • Skateboarding
  • Extensive periods of time playing video games
  • Band T-shirts
  • Sneering
  • Piercings or tattoos
  • Use of childish euphemisms
  • Obsession with anime, Japanese culture, etc.
  • Going to parties or social gatherings typically intended for younger individuals (such as a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, a high school dance, etc.)
  • Go-Gurt

Societal StatusEdit

Being a dingus isn't necessarily discouraged on a societal level, granted the dingus in question doesn't take their dingus identity to excessive levels. Many unwittingly take on dingushood because they have younger siblings that they wish to bond with. Many take on dingushood because they find an enjoyment in ironic childishness.

The Dingus and CourtshipEdit

Dinguses seldom exhibit their dingus mannerisms in acts of courtship, unless their potential suitor also possesses a measure of dingusness. In many social situations, dingusness can inhibit one's attempts to pair up.

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