Dr Pepper TEN is marketed specifically towards men.

Dr Pepper is a carbonated soft drink owned by the Dr Pepper/7-Up Company and marketed as having a unique flavor (which the Dr Pepper/7-Up Company says is a combination of 23 flavors). Dr Pepper has been marketed as a manly beverage. The beverage's name is pronounced "Doctor Pepper", and is manly enough that the abbreviation in it's name does not have a period.

Dr Pepper was first created in the 1880 by Brooklyn-born pharmacist Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas, and first served in 1885, a year before Coca-Cola was first introduced.


In the year 2011, a low calorie variety of Dr Pepper called Dr Pepper TEN was released. This variety features the taste of Dr Pepper with it's 23 flavors, but with only 10 calories per serving. The beverage was marketed with the tagline "It's Not For Women." and the packaging features a distinctly masculine design, with gunmetal gray color scheme, industrial rivets, and a bold new font. Commericals for Dr Pepper TEN feature men in combat driving jungle jeeps while drinking Dr Pepper TEN.

The ad campaign has caught criticism from female consumers, while male critics have called it "Diet Dr Pepper with gray colored bottles/cans." Before Dr Pepper TEN was marketed specifically towards men, men didn't seem to have a problem drinking Diet Dr Pepper anyway.

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