Stepping out for the afternoon

A few examples of EDC items.

EDC is an acronym for the phrase, "every day carry". It refers to a collection of items that one regularly carries about, on an almost-daily basis. The phrase is popular among survivalists, who encourage regularly carrying certain items about in preparation for emergencies. Among most people, EDC items include keys, identification, bank cards, and cell phones. A prepper is more likely to carry multi-tools and paracord.

Recommended EDCEdit

Several items are recommended as EDC, though because different people face differing day-to-day circumstances, not everyone necessarily must carry the same EDC. Among recommended EDC includes:

  • Wallet - Can be used to store the next three items on this list, though one may instead use a binder clip to save space.
  • Identification - Can be kept in one's wallet, it's often asked for when a person attempts to purchase alcoholic beverages. Law enforcement may ask for it if one happens upon a crime scene.
  • Bank cards - Another wallet item, for making purchases.
  • Cash - Sometimes, a place where one can make a purchase doesn't take bank cards.
  • Keys - To get in one's home, operate a motor vehicle, open one's safe, etc. Can be kept on a carabiner.
  • Multi-tool - Can come in handy in a variety of situations in which one may require a screwdriver, pliers, pick, knife, etc.
  • Pocket notebook - Sometimes, it comes in handy to have something to write on.
  • A pen - Sometimes, it comes in handy to have something that can write.
  • Flash drive - Can be used to upload a file to be read on your own computer, or store some files you may want to bring up on other computers.
  • Camera - Handy for memorable moments.
  • Watch - Having quick access to the time can help one cope with day-to-day challenges.
  • Cell phone - These have numerous uses, even if not connected to a network.
  • Handkerchief - There are many circumstances in which a small bit of cloth comes in handy. Without it, one would probably wipe their nose on their sleeve, or untuck their shirt to wipe their glasses.
  • Knife - Handy as a tool, and occasionally self-defense. A multi-tool may have this function.
  • Handgun - Perhaps a bit controversial, but it can help for self-defense.
  • Paracord - For instances in which strong cord may come in handy. It's easy to keep on one's person as either a bracelet or shoelaces.
  • Flashlight - A source of light can come in handy surprisingly often. Even a small LED with a coin battery can suffice.
  • Duct tape - Very handy item for repairs, a person can make a mini-roll to keep on themselves.

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