Integrity is adherence to principle. The less compromise that a person has with their principles, the greater their integrity. Integrity is considered a valuable trait in men, as men of integrity are considered dependable and morally strong.

Integrity and group identityEdit

When a person professes identification with a certain group, it is expected of that person to adhere to the basic tenets of that group, with little to no compromise. For example, it is expected of a person who identifies themselves as vegetarian to avoid the consumption of meat products. Variants of the vegetarian movement, such as vegans, have differing tenets to which they adhere with integrity. Vegans would consider the consumption of cheese to be a violation of their credo, while other vegetarians could consume animal byproducts without violating their integrity.

Integrity and conscienceEdit

Integrity involves acting with knowledge, therefore, a vegan that unknowingly consumes an animal byproduct would maintain their integrity. However, if they knowingly consume an animal byproduct, their integrity would be considered compromised, as they acted with the knowledge of violating their credo. This would be considered a violation of one's conscience.

Popular notions about conscience involve what a person feels is right. However, concience actually involves knowledge of one's identity and what someone of that identity stands for (such as a vegan's awareness of their identity as a vegan, as well as what they stand for). In fact, the Greek word translated "conscience" in the New Testament of the Bible is "suneidesis", which implies moral awareness, moral consciousness, and moral knowledge. When many people think "conscience", they think of opposing voices belonging to little men standing on opposite shoulders. But in reality, it involves awareness of morality.

Integrity and resolveEdit

Integrity involves resolve; after all, for a person to maintain their integrity involves them resolving to abstain from certain behaviors. One may reason that if they make no resolution, they can't violate their integrity. However, a person can't really have integrity without standing for something. A person exhibits strength by being tested, and if a person doesn't declare moral boundaries, their moral integrity can't be evident.

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