Jail is a facility for confining individuals that are either awaiting trial in a court of law and are considered to be a flight risk, or have been determined by a court of law to have breached the law of the land, and their confinement is a punishment for wrongdoing.

Jail is considered to be a manly place, considering that each of the inhabitants are expected to stay in line and avoid showing weakness. Failure to do so can result in regular beatings.


The following pointers can help one survive their time in prison, should one find himself in such a place.

  • Don't draw attention to yourself. If you attempt to stand out, someone else will want to take you back down.
  • Don't cry or show weakness. The people you're in close quarters with aren't where they are because they are well-adjusted. If you project that they can take advantage of you, they will.
  • Don't share what got you in there. Other prisoners will assign you a value based on what you did. This is especially true if you've harmed a child, woman, or animal in any way. If you've taken advantage of someone seemingly weaker than yourself, other prisoners will likely do the same to you.
  • If you committed a sexual crime, don't share that, either. Prison rape isn't as common as the media would have you believe, but prisoners still don't want to take that chance.
  • If you've committed murder, go ahead and share that. It's the exception. Sharing it will make your time in prison easier. Just don't lie about it if you didn't. Someone will find out about it.
  • Protect your personal belongings. You won't have much, and you'll be surrounded by people who may think little of stealing. Also, don't steal. Thieves are disliked, even in prison.
  • Start bodybuilding. It helps to be physically fit when it comes time to defend yourself.
  • Avoid joining a gang. It might seem like it would make your time in jail easier, but you'll still be a gang member once you're out of prison.
  • Avoid doing sexual favors. People who do so are treated as property. They are sometimes even placed as bets in poker games.
  • Don't share your date of release. Someone will probably pick a fight with you just to keep you in jail longer.

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