Examples of knives, including a box cutter and multi-tool.

A knife is a tool with at least one sharp edge and a handle. Knives are primarily used for slicing, though they can also be utilized for less conventional uses, such as prying. Items such as multi-tools and box cutters can also fall under the distinction of knives.


In some locations, certain knives are not considered "street legal", meaning that one cannot legally carry such knives on their persons when in public. Such laws vary from location to location, usually from state to state, though some locations within states may have varying regulations. In some states, the prohibition is on the length of the blade, while in other states, certain types of knife (such as those with spring-loaded blades) are not street legal.

It is considered the responsibility of each man to understand the laws regarding knives in his area before taking one with him into public.

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