MacGyver's Multitool

MacGyver has a reputation for finding suprising uses for seemingly mundane objects.

MacGyver (full name: Angus MacGyver) is a fictional character (portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson) from the MacGyver television series. MacGyver is a secret agent with exceptional intelligence, and often solves problems by creatively utilizing everyday objects. MacGyver dislikes guns, though he occasionally does use them.

"MacGyver" as a verbEdit

MacGyver is often depicted as creatively solving problems using limited resources, those resources being seemingly mundane objects such as office supplies, tape, etc. This frequent depiction has resulted in a rise of popularity of the term "MacGyvering", where to "MacGyver" something is to find a simple and clever solution to a problem using an everyday or unlikely object. This is contrasted with Rube Goldberg machines, which are complex and problematic.

MacGyver's hairEdit

MacGyver's hair style is a modified mullet that is lightly gelled, and does not come down past the shoulders. The mullet was considered unfashionable at the time MacGyver first aired, but was mostly unquestioned on MacGyver due to his masculinity and dynamic personality.

MacGyver's EDCEdit

The following is a list of items that MacGyver typically keeps on his person:

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