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Machoness is a display of toughness.

To be macho is to exhibit toughness, usually to project a strong image or to hide weakness or insecurity. A common exhibition of machoness is a denial of feeling pain while enduring an injury, significant or otherwise. Machoness is typically used to save face when making a mistake or there is an accident that leads to damage of self or property.

Danger of machonessEdit

Going overboard with machoness can have it's dangers. When a person takes a significant injury, it is generally preferable for him to seek medical attention rather than pretend that nothing happened. Failure to seek adequate medical attention can result in lasting damage, which others can point to as an example of what happens when someone is overly macho. Of course, there are injuries in which it would be understandable if someone were to curl down in pain.

Machoness in one-upmanshipEdit

Some forms of machoness are more offensive than defensive in nature. Offensive machoness focuses on bringing one's image up at the expense of others. For example, a macho person may refuse to identify with or even look down upon someone with a less expensive car, a less muscular physique, a job that is considered less ideal, or even for their choice of companionship. A person who is given to macho tendencies may play down defeats while bragging about victories. There are dangers to this, as well. When a person puts on a display of offensive machoness, other people may find it hard to relate with them, and their relationships could suffer.


The following are a few examples of things that a macho man might say:

  • I dropped a bowling ball on my foot? I didn't even notice.
  • Chainsaw leave an open wound across the chest? It's a scratch, I've nicked myself worse while shaving, and everything turned out okay.
  • That's right, I took a kick to the coconuts and didn't even flinch. Though you'd probably fall down and scream like a little girl.
  • Brock Lesnar challenges me to an arm wrestling contest? I like a good challenge.
  • I totally meant to block that punch with my face. See? Didn't even hurt.
  • Car broke down? It's only a nine mile hike.
  • No, I don't feel like scratching, even though I'm covered with mosquito bites.

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