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Do you know stuff? Can what you know help people be manlier? Why not share your knowledge with everyone?

What you can doEdit

Have something to add to a page? Does a page require more length and girth to give it more adequacy? Is there something on a page that seems misleading or incorrect? Or do you despise spelling and grammar errors with a burning passion? At the top of each page (next to it's title) is an "Edit" box. Yes, on this page, too. Just click that, and you're well on your way to making the world a slightly better place.

Or perhaps you know a few things on a particular subject. Perhaps you've used the search tool, and not found the page you were looking for. If you feel so inclined, why not start a new page? There's a "Contribute" button at the upper right-hand side of every page. Don't worry too much about your page being a little shabby. It's a wiki, after all, so you can come back to it later, or someone else here can pick up your slack.

General GuidelinesEdit

  • Don't get upset when someone steps on your toes. It happens. If you disagree with a recent edit, bring it up in the comment section or on the forums. You may also consider editing the page in such a way that expresses both viewpoints.
  • Advice is preferred over criticism. There is a difference.
  • A sense of humor is conductive to your enjoyment of the Manly Wiki experience.
  • Show respect for other users, and avoid flame wars. Don't insult other Manly Wiki users. This should be obvious, but for some of us, it still needs to be said.
  • Don't plagiarize other web sites.
  • Please refrain from sharing material which could be considered obscene.

Bookmark Manly WikiEdit

That bookmark can serve as a reminder to come back to Manly Wiki and see how your edits are doing. And if someone had the idea of reverting them, it wouldn't get past you.

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