Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Reacts To Suspension02:09

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Reacts To Suspension

Phil Robertson is an outdoorsman, businessman, hunter, and star in the reality TV series "Duck Dynasty".

Interview with GQ, controversyEdit

In the year 2013, an interview with Phil Robertson in GQ magazine attracted controversy. In the interview, Phil cited a passage in the New Testament of the Bible which was against homosexuality.

This resulted in a media backlash, with many attempting to make Phil a pariah. The restaurant chain Cracker Barrel responded by removing Duck Dynasty merchandise from it's shelves, but the chain went back on it's decision within days due to backlash from customers. Also, Phil Robertson was suspended from his show on A&E.

However, Phil did not back down, and he was rewarded with a sudden surge in the popularity of his brand, in spite of perceptions of the traditional media's control of popular thinking.

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