Alpha Beta supermarket, Laguna Hills, 1966

A supermarket.

A supermarket is a large retail location with food as the primary product available to purchase. It is a means for men to obtain food outside of hunting or farming.

Typical man eats at supermarketsEdit

The following is a list of items men often purchase at supermarkets:

  • Canned corn - considered an improvement when added to just about any canned soup.
  • Beef jerky - a little expensive, but a favored snack of hikers.
  • Hot sauce - recommended condiment.
  • Pringles - perhaps not the best snack out there, but the guy on the can has a moustache.
  • Bananas - an inexpensive produce item.
  • Eggs - an inexpensive dairy item.
  • Milk - prices may be going up, but it can still be purchased for under a dollar a pound.
  • Beer - not available at every supermarket, but can be purchased in some of them.
  • Cheese - a snack men like.

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